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View of replacement bulbs from inside a tanning bed.

Replacement Tanning Bulbs

Arrows for replacement bulbs
High-quality lamps are the heart of our ProSun and Luxura tanning systems, guaranteeing the performance you need and the results your customers demand. Protect your investment, get more for your money and never settle for second best. Always choose high-quality ProTech brand replacement reflector lamps from ProSun, the industry leader for safe, efficient, first-class tanning.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and strengths to suit your needs, all of our ProTech lamps:

  • Are drop-shipped direct to your door at affordable rates
  • May be used in all other manufacturers’ bed and booths

Take tanning to the pinnacle of performance with ProTech replacement lamps from ProSun.

Call today for customized pricing.

How often should I replace my tanning lamps?

Clock timer indicating time until tanning bulb replacement
Most ProTech tanning lamps are rated for between 700 and 1000 hours of use.  Tanning lamps operate on a cycle, reaching optimal UV distribution during their lifetime and slightly diminishing thereafter. In general, lamps should be replaced at between 400 and 800 hours of use, depending on traffic and the expectations of your clientele.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you should always replace every lamp in the bed or booth at the same time to ensure the spectacular results you expect from your ProSun or Luxura tanning system.

Can I upgrade the intensity of my tanning lamps?

Lamp intensity

While it’s generally feasible to increase the wattage of your lamps without harming the tanning bed, the answer depends on the laws of your state. The sale of certain lamps is regulated, and we are unable to sell lamps that fail to conform to legal requirements.

Contact your ProSun representative to determine which ProTech lamps are right for you.

ProTech Tanning Lamps

Description Watts Length
Facial Lamp 400W
ProTech SoftPower R-UVA 25W
ProTech Professional FT R-UVA 100W 71″
ProTech Professional R-UVA 100W 71″
ProTech Professional R-UVA (ss71″ x5000) 100W 71″
ProTech Professional AT UVA 100W 71″
ProTech Intensive R-UVA 80W 59″
ProTech Intensive R-UVA HO 80W HO 59″
ProTech High Intensive R-UVA 140W 59″
ProTech Intensive R-UVA 100W 71″
ProTech High Intensive R-UVA 160W 71″
ProTech Intensive FT R-UVA 110W 75″
ProTech Intensive R-UVA HO 110W 75″
ProTech Intensive R-UVA X HO 110W 75″
ProTech High Intensive R-UVA XL 160W 75″
ProTech Intensive FT R-UVA 120W 79″
ProTech High Intensive XL R-UVA 180W 79″
ProTech High Intensive XL R-UVA 200W 79″
ProTech High Intensive XL R-UVA 180-200W 79″
ProTech High Intensive XL R-UVA 230W 79″
ProTech HP9 HO 100-120W 71″
ProTech HP9 VHO 160-180W 71″
ProTech HP9 VHO 160-180W 75″
ProTech HP9 VHO 180-200W 79″