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Evolving Wellness

Wellness is an Experience. Wellness is a Lifestyle.

Wellness Products from ProSun

ProSun International LLC believes wellness and beauty go hand-in-hand in improving one’s confidence and overall quality of life. Our company has successfully expanded into the wellness and beauty industries with innovative wellness products products like the AquaFrixio, Red Light, AquaBella, Cocoon, Skin Wellness Pro and FIT Body Wrap. Take the next by incorporating our new line of wellness & beauty products into your business and daily regimen.


The AquaFrixio is the world’s first and only trackless hydro massage system, transforming the way people experience massage. The AquaFrixio targets muscles through its innovative water-through-air technology, providing the same benefits of a professional hands-on massage. Read more

ProSun’s red light systems incorporate innovative technology, first class comfort and superior luxury design. Red light helps users look and feel their best, offering a relaxing 100% UV-free experience. Anyone, regardless of age, gender or skin type can enjoy the benefits of red light. Red light’s rising popularity and demand makes it an excellent additional revenue stream to your business. Read more


The AquaBella is the newest innovative approach to cleanse, exfoliate & hydrate the skin. AquaBella’s non-abrasive, all liquid, vacuum assisted facial that’s specially formulated to treat all skin types. The AquaBella provides a wide range of benefits including deep pore cleansing, skin hydration, blackhead removal and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Read more

Cocoon Wellness Pod

The Cocoon Wellness Pro is a luxurious full body powered massage system. It enhances the experience of massage by combining the powers of thermal therapy, pulsating massage and aromatherapy. Equipped with mood lights, enriched air, a color lcd touch screen 4 in. display and other luxurious features, this pod gives clients a unique relaxation experience. Read more


Skin Wellness Pro is a Hydrothermic Sensory POD that aquafoliates the skin while working with the body’s natural perspiration process to cleanse and decongest the pores. This POD is equipped with several elegant features such as colorful spectrum lights, adjustable cool facial air, a deluxe color LCD display and more to give your clients a rejuvenating session and instant results that keep clients coming back. Read more


The FIT Bodywrap system delivers infrared rays clinically proven to soothe the body and effectively provides a wide range of therapeutic benefits including weight loss, cellulite reduction, pain relief, relaxation, skin rejuvenation and more. Read more


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