Financing Your Equipment

ProSun offers the largest, highest quality of selection of beauty & wellness equipment on the market. Businesses that offer high quality equipment have a competitive edge and attract more clientele. Many business owners recognize they could grow and generate more revenue with new equipment but don’t have the liquid cash necessary to make the investment. ProSun’s commitment is to help business owners succeed by offering flexible financing options that fit into any business owners budget and provide rapid return on investment.

Financing Options

At ProSun we support your choice in finance options in every way possible. We have partnered with several financial management companies to provide you with specialty financing options that may be more flexible than many other choices.

As a business owner, there are several options available to you including:

  • Business loans through a bank
  • Third party investor
  • Specialty financing options

Why ProSun?

The companies we work with were chosen specifically because they have extensive experience in the salon and fitness industries. They:

  • Specialize in financing equipment to tanning, salon, spa and fitness center owners throughout the United States
  • Understand your business and can provide financing options consistent with traditional revenue cycles
  • Provide an online application process with a time-efficient decision making process
  • Offer competitive rates and can work with clients with below average credit ratings

Many of our satisfied clients have used our partners to finance their equipment needs. Even if your credit rating is not idea, they can take a deeper assessment of your business and make a determination as to the viability of providing a loan through bank financing or investing on their own.

ProSun understands your business needs and financial constraints. To help meet your business goals, we offer:

  • Equipment leases
  • Lease to own
  • 90 days same as cash
  • 90 days deferral of first payment

Your success is our business. Contact us to help you select the financing option best for you, or fill out this application to get started.

Lease the AquaFrixio for
AS LOW AS $13 a day or
$389 per month

Lease Luxura equipment
for AS LOW AS $7 – $9 a
day or $285 – $300 per month

Lease ProSun tanning
equipment for AS LOW AS
$3.50 a day or $105 per month

Lease Red Light systems
for AS LOW AS $3.50 a day
or $105 per month