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  • Bodt & Facial Fans
  • Timer Display
  • Canopy & Bench Acrylic
  • End Caps & Lamp Covers
  • Shocks/Gas Spring Lifts
  • Skirts/Cover Plates
  • Bench, Canopy & Facial Lamps

Standard Equipment Parts

ProSun can provide you with any of the standard equipment parts for your tanning and red light units. Ranging anywhere from lamps and acrylics to shocks and facial tanners, contact our service department directly with any questions or to place your order.


Facial lamps

We carry facial lamps starting at 400 Watts and higher, depending on your unit. ProSun is able to help you select the correct facial tanners for your unit.

Shocks/Gas springs

This part supports the upward and downward movement of the canopy on your unit. ProSun carries shocks/gas springs for all current models through previous equipment lines.

Body Fan

The body fan will help keep the user cool and comfortable during the session. We carry a variety of internal and external cooling fans.

Canopy acrylic

The canopy acrylic a safe barrier between the lamps and the user while allowing the proper filtration of UV rays.

Bench Acrylic

Depending on the model of your equipment, your unit may have a flat or contoured bench acrylic for the user to lay down on.


Contact our service department with the serial number located on the back of your unit for any replacement endcaps.

  • Touch Screen
  • Marine Leather Cushion
  • Water Barrier
  • Undersheet
  • RenuvaSkin FSR

Aquafrixio Parts

ProSun is proud to manufacture to worlds first and only trackless hydro massage system. We carry a full range of replacement parts for your AquaFrixio hydro massage bed, including the decorative skirts, pillow tops, water conditioners, and more.


Marine Leather Head Pillow

The small removable head pillow can be easily replaced in the case that it was damaged or lost. Manually remove the pillow by pulling up and releasing it from the main pillow frame to replace it with your new pillow. The marine leather pillow is available in midnight black and sandstone beige.

Marine Leather Cushion

The marine leather cushion is available in midnight black and sandstone beige. The cushion can be easily removed for cleaning or maintenance purposes. Baseball stitched with visco pattern edging for ultimate comfort.

Water barrier

The water barrier protects the users from coming into contact with water during their session. The water barrier can be easily replaced in case of damage. Remember to have users remove shoes and all sharp objects from their pockets prior to using the hydro massage bed.

Decorative Skirt

The AquaFrixio hydro massage bed was inspired by sleek European design. The skirting/cover plates can be easily removed for maintenance purposes. The cover plates come standard in an elegant pearl white color.

  • QSens Water Mist System
  • XSens Aromatherapy
  • Smart Touch Display
  • SoundAround Plus
  • Countoured Acrylic
  • Ambient Flow Light
  • DecoLight Plate
  • Luxury Parts

    For some of our advanced commercial tanning equipment add ons, such as QSens cooling mist and XSens aromatherapy, are available to enhance the user experience. ProSun carries all luxury tanning equipment supplies and accessories, whether you are looking to refill your aromatherapy bottles or are in need of new wellness or studio music cards. We are the one stop shop for all your commercial tanning equipment needs.


    QSens Cooling Mist

    QSens is a gentle, naturally refreshing mist that is sprayed across the body at different intervals keeping users feeling fresh as they tan. QSens is controlled through the display in your unit. Replacement time depends on individual usage.

    XSens Aromatherapy

    XSens distributes a wonderful scent through the interior of the bed, creating a pleasant atmosphere whenever desired. There are 2 different versions of XSens availalble, XSens I and XSens III. With XSens I. you can select 1 of our 3 fragrances (Ocean, blossom or sandalwood). With XSens III, enjoy all 3 fragrances. Replacement time depends on individual usage.

    SmartTouch Display

    The SmartTouch Display is protected the unit’s canopy acrylic and allows users to customize each session. The bright display is easy to see and use, even with goggles on. If your display needs to be replaced, just remove the canopy acrylic and switch out the housing. Your display will notify you of any errors or maintenance needed for the unit.

    CliMax AC/Body Cooling

    Whether your unit has CliMax AC or standard body cooling, all of our commercial tanning equipment can control different levels of cooling through their displays. CliMax AC, the Luxura air conditioning system, ensures a pleasant temperature during the tanning session. A refreshing breeze, adjustable at different levels, gently cools the body and facial areas.

    Ambient Flowlight

    Ambient Flowlight offers a nearly inexhaustible range of flowing colors, providing an extra sense of atmosphere to your salon. The Ambient Flowlight is controlled through a remote control, allowing the salon owner to set changing color intervals or select a color to match the salons décor.

    SoundAround Plus

    The SoundAround Plus system includes 2 to 4 integrated speakers and a subwoofer, allowing users to enjoy pre-programmed music or their own playlists during their tanning sessions. SoundAround Plus can also be integrated with Bluetooth technology, giving the users the option to easily enjoy their own music.

  • Starters
  • Ballasts
  • Buckboosters
  • Lamps
  • Timer Boards & TMAX Systems
  • Electrical Parts

    For a full list of electrical parts provided by ProSun please contact our service department. ProSun carries a full range of internal and external electrical components such as ballasts, timer boards, starters, TMAX timer systems, buckboosters and more



    TMAX Systems & Time Boards


    Please contact our customer service department for a complete list of equipment parts or to place your order now: 800-501-8485

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    Questions about your equipment?

    Contact prosuns customer service department with any specific questions on your equipment. We always recommend consulting with one of our factory certified technicians prior to performing any work on your units. Please have your serial number (located on back of unit) ready when contacting our service department. For an overview of frequently asked questions click the button below.

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