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FSR Red Light Facial System


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The RenuvaSkin FSR is a red light facial system. The FSR's portable and space-efficient design allows for easy maneuvering and convenient storage. Perfect to pair with our innovative and luxurious AquaFrixio hydro massage bed (110V). Unwind and enjoy the benefits of incorporating red light technology into your daily regimen and discover your radiance!



It’s never been more simple to enjoy red light sessions thanks to the RenuvaSkin FSR facial red light system by ProSun. The RenuvaSkin FSR is compact and mobile, allowing for easy placement and storage.The RenuvaSkin FSR red light facial system is 100% UV Free and safe for all skin types. Look and feel your absolute best with the convenient, soothing red light sessions our RenuvaSkin FSR red light facial system provides.


24 x 25W

Session Time

15 Minutes



Power Requirements


Standard Color

Pearl White

Shipping Weight

150 lbs


41.8"W x 68.6"H


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