ProSun Attending IHRSA 2019

March 14, 2019   By Admin

ProSun International offers one-of-a-kind profit centers solutions to wellness and fitness facilities at IHRSA 2019 with the AquaFrixio hydro massage bed, RenuvaSkin FSR red lightcanopy and Luxura tanning booth....


ProSun Introduces the Luxura Vegaz

October 23, 2018   By Admin

ProSun International, LLC introduces the Luxura Vegaz, the newest technology for Tanning beds, at the National Tanning Expo   See what’s new in the tanning industry and learn how...


The History of Tanning

July 18, 2018   By Admin

The History of Tanning PAST Tanning has a long documented history from the earliest known civilizations. Tanning is more than just style. It’s helped humans thrive for thousands of...


8 Sales Tips For Charging Your Tanners For Eyewear (& State Regulations)

July 2, 2018   By Admin

8 Sales Tips For Charging Your Tanners For Eyewear (& State Regulations) Even though eyewear isn’t as expensive as selling tanning sessions or salon packages, selling eyewear can create...


Learn How to Market Your Salon

June 6, 2018   By Admin

Learn How to Market Your Salon Get Discovered. To fully establish your business, you need to be easily discovered – in person and online. Choose an easily-accessible location for...


How To Have Customers Choose Your Tanning Salon – 7 Tips

April 23, 2018   By Admin

If there are other salons in your area that offer tanning, how can you make sure that customers will come to your salon for all their tanning needs? Here...


Customer Connection: Cool Rayz Tanning & More

March 15, 2018   By Admin

Cheyenne, WY’s elite Tanning Studio, Hair & Nail Spa, & Fashion & Gift Boutique, Cool Rayz Tanning & More, located in Cheyenne, WY, is owned by a husband and...


DIY Salon & Spa Items Series: Tanning Enhancers

March 2, 2018   By Admin

PART 2 of: DIY Salon & Spa Items Series: Items You Can Make For Your Business Having a salon and spa, you need to think of new innovative ways...