How Not to Ask to See Your Tanning Customer’s Eyewear

February 15, 2018   By Admin

How NOT to Ask to See Your Tanner’s Eyewear By Brenda Fishbaugh Salon owners often inquire how to ask to see client’s eyewear without angering clients. Let’s look at...


How To Make A Spray Tan Last

November 8, 2017   By Admin

One of the best options to keep your summer tan this winter is to go sunless! Consider getting a spray tan soon and follow these simple steps...


Red Hot New Product Alert!

September 5, 2017   By Admin

As technology in beauty advances, we see more salons expanding their equipment and service selection to cater to additional clients and keep up with industry breakthroughs. Most routine services...


Eye Pro, Inc. Recommends Pushing Tanning Eyewear for Summer

July 10, 2017   By Admin

As a tanning salon owner you know two things for sure: protective eyewear is a must, and summer is the dreaded slow season. It’s important to keep your salon...


Indoor Tanning Lotion: Necessary or Nonessential?

May 15, 2017   By Admin

As a business owner, naturally you will try to maximize your sales when able. In tanning this can happen in the form of promotions, recommending package upgrades or encouraging...


Eye Protection for Smart Indoor Tanning

May 2, 2017   By Admin

Providing the proper UV eye protection for your clients is an important part of promoting and enforcing smart indoor tanning in your business. Wink-Ease disposable eye products offer effective...