Comfort. Relaxation. Massage.

The world’s first Trackless Hydro Massage System

Every “body” is different.That’s why we created customized massages.With our software being more customizable than ever, it will suit anyone’s preference.Your hydro massage experience can be defined by setting duration and intensity of each zone. The settings allow to adjust the AquaFrixio’s water temperature from refreshingly cool to soothingly warm.
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Why Choose The AquaFrixio

Trackless System

Low & Easy Maintenance

Anti-bacterial Cover

Modular Patent Design

Designed to Excite

The AquaFrixio is a one of a kind trackless hydro massage therapy system. This innovative unit with its European design will make everyone want to take a closer look at all the features.

A.) RenuvaSkin FSR Red Light Facial System (Optional)

24 x 25 W Red Light Lamps

B.) Detachable Head Rest

The comfortable head rest may be removed in order for easy cleaning after several massage

C.) Marine Leather Cushion

The elegant, marine leather cushion not only looks beautiful, but is easy to clean in just seconds.

D.) Rip Stop Under Sheet

The under sheet is made with a rip-stop material preventing items from damaging the AquaFrixio and it can easily be removed for cleaning purposes.

E.) Design

The stylish, exterior design encompasses 24 stationary rotation massage points for the optimal experience.


Adjustable Duration & Pressure

Smooth Zone Transition

Powerful Jet Stream

AquaAbs Massage


Integrated Media

Preset & Custom Massages

Adjustable Water Temperature

MyAquaFrixio Online Updates


No matter which market you are in, the AquaFrixio trackless hydro massage system is just what you need to bring new revenue stream to your business.


After an intense work out the AquaFrixio provides a relaxing and rejuvenating massage.


The AquaFrixio is a perfect addition to: Chiropractic offices, physical therapy, and out-patient rehab centers.


Employers are recognizing that a massage can help relax employees during their busy days.


The unit can effortlessly be incorporated into facial services, allowing customers to receive a full body massage during their treatments.


The AquaFrixio can operate as a perk or pay asset to any community such as: Apartment complexes, multi-family homes, student housing, assisted living and many more.


Vacationers and business travelers love amenities such as the AquaFrixio. This trackless, hydro massage system provides hotel guests with a relaxing experience in between their busy schedules.


Diversify your beauty business and say goodbye to slow season by adding the AquaFrixio and offering your clients this completely unique and customizable hydro massage service.


  • 300 lbs empty
  • 600 lbs filled
  • 375 lbs weight limit
  • 40 gallons distilled water
  • 120/220 V
  • 60 Hz
  • 20 Amps
  • 2 HP
  • 21″ touch screen
  • Recommended room size 9ft x 8 ft
  • Internal timer
  • External timer compatible
  • Pre-programmed customizable computer controls
  • No special wiring needed 110V/220V (20AMP)
  • Operates without supervision
  • External timer option
  • Profitable 21 sq. ft. footprint
  • Reliable and powerful
  • Massage info available through portal worldwide (WiFi)
  • Trackless hydro massage system
  • Air assisted for powerful manipulation
  • Perfect financing solutions for one or more multiple locations
  • 24 rotating nozzles for optimum hands on feel massage