Available Features:

SoundAround (42 standard, 38 option)
4.1 Speaker Sound System
MyMP3 (42 standard, 38 option)
Allows personal audio devices like MP3 players to be connected to SoundAround.
HPS (42 standard, 38 option)
High pressure facials use reflective surfaces and blue filters for higher UVB output
ContourPLUS (standard)
Curved acrylic surface designed to conform to the human body, for the tanner's comfort.
BackFLEX (standard)
Section of the bed refracts light to better tan the shoulder area.
XSens Aromatherapy (option)
Aromatherapy option where a fragrance (citrus, ocean, or exotic) is circulated through the bed's fans.
QSens Mist (option)
Uses the bed's ventilation system to cool the tanner with a specially formulated fine mist.

Models in X7 Series:

Luxura X7 42 SLi High Intensive - 42 lamps & 4 facials

The Luxura X7 Series — Power & Comfort by Design

All X7 models boast the ContourPLUS system and the BackFLEX system. ContourPLUS is a sculpted acrylic that is designed to conform to the human body, offering increased tanning comfort. BackFLEX enhances the tanning experience by directing light to the tanner's shoulders, in order to better tan that difficult area.

ProSun X7 Tanning Bed in Silver

A stylish salon, centre or practice that is what you strive for. Professionalism and quality are your key words and this is instantly visible when someone enters your business spot. When selecting the best tanning equipment for your company, you will look for a device that meets your criteria without being over-the-top. The complete X7, with its classy appearance, will surely appeal to you and your customers. The X7 fits perfectly in a stylish company, is available in four colours (Eternal Blue, Sunrise Orange, Mellow Lime and the special colour: Starlight Silver) and has attractive decoration lights, making the X7 the always-shining centre of attraction in your company. The X7 can be operated with an internal timer, but can also be connected to an external timer, which ensures this top-class sunbed to be profitable for many business environments.

MP3 input jack for the MyMP3 system

A favorite option on the X7 is the SoundAround system with MyMP3 capability. These days everyone has an MP3 player, and you can offer them the ability to play their own music while they tan. The 5-speaker SoundAround system with MyMP3 allows tanners to plug in their portable audio devices and listen to their music in an impressive audio environment while they tan.

Salon Start-Up Information

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Luxura X7 Series Tanning Bed Specifications
  X7 42 SLi
High Intensive
X7 38 SLi
High Intensive
X7 38 SLi
Canopy Lamps 24 × 160 Watts RUVA 22 × 160 Watts RUVA 22 × 160 Watts RUVA
Bench Lamps 18 × 160 Watts RUVA 16 × 160 Watts RUVA 16 × 100 Watts RUVA
Facial Lamps 4 × 400 Watts 3 × 400 Watts 3 × 400 Watts
Max. Exposure Time 12 Minutes 13 Minutes 15 Minutes
Step Down Face Tanners 4-3-2-1-0 (standard) 3-2-1-0 (standard) 3-2-1-0 (standard)
5-Step Body Cooler Standard Standard Standard
5-Step Facial Cooler Standard Standard Standard
Adjustable Cooling Standard Standard Standard
Loudspeakers (2) Standard Standard Standard
SoundAround w/ MyMP3 Standard Optional Optional
ContourPLUS Standard Standard Standard
Xsens Aromatherapy Optional Optional Optional
BackFLEX Standard Standard Standard
HPS Standard Optional Optional
LCD Timer Display Standard Standard Standard
Programmable Int. Timer Standard Standard Standard
Dual Hour Counters Standard Standard Standard
Power Output (Approx) 9,000 Watts 8,000 Watts 7,000 Watts
Breaker 3 Phase - 40 Amp
Single Phase - 60 Amp
3 Phase - 40 Amp
Single Phase - 60 Amp
3 Phase - 30 Amp
Single Phase - 50 Amp
Standard Colors Blue, Silver, Orange, Lime Blue, Silver, Orange, Lime Blue, Silver, Orange, Lime
Overall Dimensions 90.6"L x 50.5"W x 49"H 90.6"L x 50.5"W x 49"H 90.6"L x 50.5"W x 49"H
Recommended Room Size 8ft. x 9ft. 8ft. x 9ft. 8ft. x 9ft.
Shipping Weight 860 lbs. 805 lbs. 805 lbs.

Available Colors

X7 in Blue

Blue (standard)

X7 in Silver

Silver (standard)

X7 in Orange

Orange (standard)

X7 in Lime

Lime (standard)