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Our home equipment uses decades of knowledge and experience from commercial equipment production. Where others may cut corners, ProSun pays attention to every last detail, from optimal light distance, to our lifetime warranty on the beds’ framework. We can claim, without hesitation, that our home equipment is commercially designed and engineered – and that means higher equipment quality and superior tanning results.

The ProSun Jade
ProSun Jade home tanning bed

This compact tanning bed brings the luxury of the studio into your home, and best of all, it plugs into any standard 120-volt outlet. Easy to assemble and operate, roomy and built with a curved canopy and bench for superior comfort, the Jade is available in 24- or 26-lamp configurations.

The Prosun V 1
Prosun V1 home tanning bed
The V1 from ProSun is an entry-level stand-up tanning booth designed for residential use. Equipped with 36 high-output lamps and built-in reflectors for even coverage, the V1 is the most powerful home-tanning booth on the market. Dual level handles accommodate users of varying heights, while a four-speed internal cooling system provides fully adjustable comfort.
The Sundream
Sundream tanning canopy
Occupying just 3 square feet of real estate, the Sundream allows you to tan at home without sacrificing floor space. This innovative swiveling canopy is gently curved for maximum exposure and contains 12 100-watt RUVA tanning lamps. A built-in timer allows users to enjoy sessions of up to 30 minutes.
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Smart Design Technology

SmartDesign Technology is, simply put, the application of our commercial design and engineering experience to the creation of high quality home tanning equipment.
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Home Tanning Comparison Chart

Series SunDream ProSun Jade ProSun Jade ProSun V1
Type Canopy Tanner Tanning Bed Tanning Bed Tanning Booth
Total Bulbs 12 24 26 36 – 110W R-UVA H.O.
Canopy Bulbs 12 – 100 Watt R-UVA 12 – 100 Watt R-UVA 14 – 110Watt R-UVA
Canopy Bulb Length 71″ 71″ 75″
Bench Bulbs 12 – 100 Watt R-UVA 12 – 100 Watt R-UVA
Session Time 30 Min 10-15-20 Min 10-15-20 Min  12 Minutes
Electric Requirements 120 Volt 120 Volt 120 Volt  120 Volt, 20 Amp
Timer Type Dial Dial Digital  Digital
Easy Access Acrylic  Yes  Yes  Yes
Turbo Cooling System 5-step 5-Step
4-Speed Body Fan Opt Opt Standard
Overall Dimensions 3ft X 3ft Standing 83″L X 35.5″W 48″H 83″L X 35.5″W 48″H 85″ High, 47″ Diameter (Closed)

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