Luxura X5 – 12 Min/Level 4

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    Luxura X5 Tanning Bed

    No ordinary tanning bed, the Luxura X5 is the gateway to superior tanning at the entry level. Equipped with professional-quality standard features, the X5 is easily upgraded to a premium bed with the addition of available options, including:

    • Deluxe front panel and optional ambient lighting system to deliver beautiful, adjustable color effects
    • ContourPlus, ProSun’s innovative and exceptionally comfortable ergonomic tanning surface

    Designed with salon employees in mind, the X5 makes routine maintenance as painless as possible.

    • Simple replacement of standard or high-pressure lamps
    • Effortless cleaning of interior surfaces
    • Easily accessed and refillable QSens and XSens reservoirs
    • Easy emptying of airco reservoir
    • Easy cleaning or changing of dust filters
    • View the video to find out more about the innovative design features of the Luxura X5.

    Compare the X5 with standard and optional features of our other Luxura tanning beds.



    • Xsens with one or three different scents for the tanner to choose from
    • Qsens sprays a fresh breeze of mist all over the tanner’s body at intervals
    • SmartVoice: a friendly voice will guide the user through the different functions
    • SoundAround Basic and SoundAround Plus with my MP3 features different styles of music or lets the clients listen to their personal playlists
    • CliMax air conditioning ensures a pleasant temperature while tanning. A wonderful cool breeze gently touches body and face
    • feature-contour-plus

      Feel the comfort of the bed’s ergonomically formed surface, designed to follow the body’s shape.

    • feature-deco-light

      The attractive DecoLight lighting concept provides an extra sense of well-being during the tanning session. The tanning bed will look appealing at all times – even in stand-by mode.

    • feature-ambient-flowlight

      This fading color flow with a nearly inexhaustible range of colors provides an extra sense of atmosphere.(Optional)

    • feature-sound-around-basic

      Via four integrated loudspeakers and a subwoofer, Sound Around will turn any type of music from up to four different music channels into a fabulous sound show. MyMP3 and SmartVoice are included.

    • feature-smart-voice

      A friendly voice will guide the user acoustically through the different functions. It will describe all possibilities, turning the tanning session into a miniature holiday.

    • feature-sound-around-basic

      In addition to SoundAround Basic, Sound Around Plus includes SD cards providing two extra internal music channels (relaxing music, energetic music, or a customizable channel for your own music). (Optional)

    • feature-climax

      A gentle, naturally refreshing mist is sprayed across the body at intervals.(Optional)

    • feature-xsens

      Xsens will distribute a wonderful scent throughout the interior of the Luxura, creating a pleasant atmosphere whenever desired. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the fragrances of Ocean, Blossom or Sandelwood.(Optional)

    • feature-xl-light

      These XL lamps, which have a length of two meters, ensure an even, all-over tan.

    • feature-bps

      Balanced Power System: a special filter for the SLi facial tanner that provides a perfect balance of UVA and UVB up to the optimal tanning level.

    • feature-hps

      High Power System: a special filter for the SLi facial tanner that provides higher efficiency, direct pigmentation, and a visual mirror effect.

    • feature-sli

      This facial tanner, with a single socket mounting, has a specially developed tanner/reflector combination, which ensures first-class tanning results (for X10 only).

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    Luxura X5 Series Tanning Bed Specifications

    Luxura X5  38 SLI High intensive
    Canopy Lamps 22 x 160 W RUVA
    Bench Lamps 16 x 180 W RUVA
    Facial Lamps 3 x 400 W
    Maximum Exposure Time 12 min
    Body Cooler Standard
    Adjustable Cooling Standard
    Pre-Installed Speakers Standard
    SoundAround with MyMP3 Optional
    XSens Aromatherapy Optional
    QSens Cooling Mist Optional
    LCD Timer Display Standard
    Programmable Internal Timer Standard
    Dual Hour Counters Standard
    Power Output 9,000 W
    Breaker 3 Phase – 40 Amp
    Single Phase – 60 Amp
    Recommended Room Size 8ft x 9ft
    Shipping Weight 860 lbs