Luxura X5 – 12 Min/Level 3 & 4

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    • Luxura X5

    Luxura X5 Tanning Bed

    No ordinary tanning bed, the Luxura X5 is the gateway to superior tanning at the entry level. Equipped with professional-quality standard features, the X5 is easily upgraded to a premium bed with the addition of available options, including:

    • Deluxe front panel and optional ambient lighting system to deliver beautiful, adjustable color effects
    • ContourPlus, ProSun’s innovative and exceptionally comfortable ergonomic tanning surface

    Designed with salon employees in mind, the X5 makes routine maintenance as painless as possible.

    • Simple replacement of standard or high-pressure lamps
    • Effortless cleaning of interior surfaces
    • Easily accessed and refillable QSens and XSens reservoirs
    • Easy emptying of airco reservoir
    • Easy cleaning or changing of dust filters
    • View the video to find out more about the innovative design features of the Luxura X5.

    Compare the X5 with standard and optional features of our other Luxura tanning beds.



    • Xsens with one or three different scents for the tanner to choose from
    • Qsens sprays a fresh breeze of mist all over the tanner’s body at intervals
    • SmartVoice: a friendly voice will guide the user through the different functions
    • SoundAround Plus with my MP3 features different styles of music or lets the clients listen to their personal playlists
    • feature-contour-plus

      Feel the comfort of the bed’s ergonomically formed surface, designed to follow the body’s shape.

    • feature-deco-light

      The attractive DecoLight lighting concept provides an extra sense of well-being during the tanning session. The tanning bed will look appealing at all times – even in stand-by mode.

    • feature-ambient-flowlight

      This fading color flow with a nearly inexhaustible range of colors provides an extra sense of atmosphere.(Optional)

    • feature-smart-voice

      A friendly voice will guide the user acoustically through the different functions. It will describe all possibilities, turning the tanning session into a miniature holiday. (Optional)

    • feature-xsens

      Xsens will distribute a wonderful scent throughout the interior of the Luxura, creating a pleasant atmosphere whenever desired. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the fragrances of Ocean, Blossom or Sandelwood.(Optional)

    • feature-xl-light

      These XL lamps, which have a length of two meters, ensure an even, all-over tan.

    • feature-bps

      Balanced Power System: a special filter for the SLi facial tanner that provides a perfect balance of UVA and UVB up to the optimal tanning level.

    • feature-hps

      High Power System: a special filter for the SLi facial tanner that provides higher efficiency, direct pigmentation, and a visual mirror effect.

  • x5-details1

    Luxura X5 Series Tanning Bed Specifications

    Luxura X5  38 SLI High intensive 34 SLI Intensive
    Canopy Lamps 22 x 160 W RUVA 18 x 160 Watts
    Bench Lamps 16 x 180 W RUVA 16 x 120 W RUVA
    Facial Lamps 3 x 400 W 3 x 400 W
    Maximum Exposure Time 12 min 15 min
    Body Cooler Standard Standard
    Adjustable Cooling Standard Standard
    Pre-Installed Speakers Standard Standard
    SoundAround Plus with MyMP3 Optional Optional
    XSens Aromatherapy Optional Optional
    QSens Cooling Mist Optional Optional
    LCD Timer Display Standard Standard
    Programmable Internal Timer Standard Standard
    Dual Hour Counters Standard Standard
    Power Output 9,000 W 9,000 W
    Breaker 3 Phase – 40 Amp
    Single Phase – 60 Amp
    3 Phase – 30 Amp
    Single Phase – 40 Amp
    Recommended Room Size 8ft x 9ft 8 ft x 9 ft
    Shipping Weight 900 lbs 900 lbs
    Dimensions 90.16″L x 53.5″W x 61.4″H 90.16″L x 53.5″W x 61.4″H

    ProSun reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice