Luxura V6 – 9 & 10 Min/Levels 5 & 4

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    • Luxura V6 Models:
      Luxura V6 42 XL Intensive –42 x 180 Watts RUVA
      Luxura V6 48 XL Ultra Intensive –48 x 200 Watts RUVA
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    Luxura V6 Tanning Bed

    The Luxura V6 is the perfect entry-level tanning booth for those looking to expand their services with professional tanning. The V6 comes in a beautiful Crystal White color, along with three fashionable accent colors to pick from: aqua, pink, or gold. Also available in a Glamour Edition, in which the V6 tanning booth is highlighted by beautiful rhinestones adorning the booth from top to bottom. With easy-to-open, space-efficient doors that allow the V6 to fit in tight spaces, and a user friendly touch screen that allows tanners to navigate tanning settings with ease, the V6 is the ideal tanning unit for your business.

    We Like Features

    The Luxura V6 tanning booth can be elevated to a high class product just by adding the following extra features:

    • Admo experience control panel with a clear, user friendly touchscreen to navigate through your personal tanning preferences
    • Optional Xsens sprays a pleasant scent via the body cooling
    • Maintenance is easy, thanks to the Luxura V6’s modern design
    • Optional Sound Around Plus
    • feature-ambient-flowlight

      This fading color flow with a nearly inexhaustible range of colors provides an extra sense of atmosphere.(Optional)

    • feature-sound-around-basic

      The attractive DecoLight lighting concept provides an extra sense of well-being during the tanning session. The tanning bed will look appealing at all times – even in stand-by mode.

    • feature-sound-around-plus

      In addition to SoundAround Basic, Sound Around Plus includes SD cards providing two extra internal music channels (relaxing music, energetic music, or a customizable channel for your own music). (Optional)

    • feature-climax

      A gentle, naturally refreshing mist is sprayed across the body at intervals.(Optional)

    • feature-xsens

      Xsens will distribute a wonderful scent throughout the interior of the Luxura, creating a pleasant atmosphere whenever desired. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the fragrances of Ocean, Blossom or Sandelwood.(Optional)

    • feature-xl-light

      These XL lamps, which have a length of two meters, ensure an even, all-over tan.

  • V6 Tanning Booth Specifications

    Luxura V6 42 XL Intensive 48 XL Ultra Intensive
    Lamps 42 x 180 Watts RUVA 48 x 200 Watts RUVA
    Maximum Exposure Time 10 Minutes 9 Minutes
    3 Step Adjustable Body Cooler Standard Standard
    Pre-Installed Speakers Standard Standard
    Admo Experience control panel Optional Optional
    Digital timer display Standard Standard
    Smart touch control Standard Standard
    SoundAround with MyMP3 Standard Standard
    XSens Aromatherapy Optional Optional
    QSens Cooling Mist Optional Optional
    Dressing room Optional Optional
    Bluetooth1 Optional Optional
    Programmable Internal Timer Standard Standard
    Dual Hour Counters Standard Standard
    Power Output Approx. 8,000 Watts 10,000 Watts
    Colors Pearl White Pearl White
    Twin Colors (Gold, Fuchsia, Aqua) Optional Optional
    Glamour Edition (Gold or Fuchsia) Optional Optional
    Overall Dimensions 50″L × 50″W × 89″H 50″L × 50″W × 89″H
    Recommended Room Size 8 ft. × 7 ft 8 ft. × 7 ft
    1 – only with SoundAround Plus