Commercial Tanning

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ProSun, the number one name in indoor tanning, proudly offers a full line of commercial tanning equipment to suit any setting or budget. Combining sleek European styling with cutting-edge technology and equipped with powerful and long-lasting Pro-Tech tanning lamps, our Luxura and ProSun tanning systems deliver superior results wrapped in a stunning package. Perfect for full-service luxury salons, brand-new start-ups, and fitness or wellness centers ready to expand into offering indoor tanning, ProSun commercial tanning systems promise performance that is second to none.


Lay-Down Tanning Beds

  • Luxura X10 (Level 5)– The flagship of the Luxura line delivers lightning-fast 10 minute tanning sessions in a sleek designer shell fully loaded with luxury options.
  • Luxura X7 (Level 4 & 5)– With a 10 and 12 minute tan time, the versatile and stylish X7 is engineered for customer comfort and fully customizable to suit your studio and clientele.
  • Luxura X5 (Level 3 & 4)– A compact design  with a 12 and 15 minute tan times makes this powerhouse the most popular mid-range bed on the market.
  • Luxura X3 (Level 3)– A perfect entry-level bed for new studios or as an addition to day spas and fitness centers, the X3 packs powerful tanning into an affordable package.
  • ProSun Onyx (Level 1-4)– With 4 available models to choose from, the Onyx is the most affordable and adaptable starter bed on the market.

Stand-Up Tanning Booths

  • Luxura V8 (Level 5)– Accentuated by a smooth, high-quality finish and Ambient FlowLight, the V8 will light up your salon from top to bottom.
  • Luxura V6 (Level 5/4)– The Luxura V6 is the perfect entry-level tanning booth for those looking to expand their services with professional tanning.
  • ProSun V3 (Level 4)– The V3 entry level stand-up tanning system combines the design and performance you’d expect from an industry leader at an affordable price.

Your Business Partner

ProSun is the all-in-one tanning studio solution. Not only do we offer the finest tanning equipment on the market, we also provide personalized one-on-one salon start-up assistance and a convenient online guide. This includes a drawing plan to help you layout your space. Our flexible financing and leasing options make it possible to get your business up and running or upgrade your equipment without large out of pocket expenses.

Browse our comprehensive selection of tanning beds, booths, replacement lamps and selected accessories to open the door to a new world of performance.