RenuvaSkin FSR

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Discover Your Radiance

It’s never been easier to look great & feel great, thanks to innovative red light technology and the RenuvaSkin red light system product line by ProSun. ProSun’s RenuvaSkin FSR red light system was created to help your clients discover their radiance.

RenuvaSkin FSR

Red Light System

red light system fsr in use red light system fsr in use
red light system red light system
red light canopy red light canopy
Technical Specifications RenuvaSkin FSR
Lamps 24 x 25 Watts
Session Time 15 Minutes
Power Requirement 110V
Standard Color Pearl White
Overall Dimensions 41.8″W x 68.6″H
Shipping Weight 150 lbs.

Disclaimer: ProSun reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice.

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