RenuvaSkin 3600

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Discover Your Radiance

It’s never been easier to look great & feel great, thanks to innovative red light technology and the RenuvaSkin product line by ProSun. The RenuvaSkin 3600 is a technologically advanced piece of red light equipment that was specially designed to help your clients discover their radiance.

RenuvaSkin 3600


The RenuvaSkin 3600’s space-efficient design and simple power requirements make it a smart addition to your business. Equipped with an advanced cooling turbo system, powerful red lamps and an easy access timer, your clients can expect our red light equipment to provide the highest level of relaxation. The RenuvaSkin 3600 makes it simpler than ever for users to discover their radiance.

Technical Specifications RenuvaSkin 3600
Lamps 36 x 75″ 100W
Session Time 15 Minutes
Four-Speed Body Fan Standard
LCD Timer Display Standard
Dual Hour Counters Standard
AC Requirements A/C (tons) 0.5
Connection/Breaker 220V,40 Amps
Buckbooster Single Phase-1.0 Kva, 2 hotwires, 1 groundwire
Standard Color Pearl White
Overall Dimensions 51″D x 51″W x 88″H
Rec. Room Size 8 ft. x 7 ft.
Shipping Weight 550 lbs.


Disclaimer: ProSun reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice.

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