Red Light

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Red Light by ProSun

The powerful energy red light emits helps users look and feel their absolute best. Red light offers a relaxing, 100% UV-Free experience that benefits all users, regardless of age, gender or skin type. Its appeal to a wide demographic market makes it an excellent additional revenue stream. Get in touch with one of our RenuvaSkin Specialists today to learn about the benefits of incorporating ProSun’s red light equipment into your business and daily regimen.

Explore the RenuvaSkin line

ProSun is excited to introduce RenuvaSkin, our new red light system product line. With the power of red light becoming so well-known and widely used, it has never been a more perfect time to incorporate red light systems into your business.

RenuvaSkin 3200 red light

RenuvaSkin 3200

RenuvaSkin 3600 red light

RenuvaSkin 3600

RenuvaSkin FSR red light

RenuvaSkin FSR