ProSun Equipment as Disney Characters

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Most people probably look at our equipment as just that…equipment. But here, we consider each product a member of the ProSun family, and if we were to give each a “personality” they would probably reflect that of the following classic Disney characters…


Evil Queen (Snow White) The Evil Queen is obsessed with youth and beauty, so naturally her vanity emboldens her to do whatever it takes to maintain it. Known for presenting her greatest threat with a juicy red apple, and ruling the land while frequently adorned in red lipstick, it’s no surprise that the queen feels her most powerful around the bold ruby color. Managing to seduce her way to the highest position in the kingdom, the Queen looks to her magic mirror to confirm every day that she is still the fairest of them all.


Luxura X10

Hercules (Hercules) Though Hercules is initially raised alongside regular families and kids, he realizes early on that his physical strength is unmatched among his peers. Willing to take the necessary risks to make sure the people he loves are taken care of, Hercules is recognized for his resilient force. In addition to the long list of his devout personality traits and abilities, it doesn’t hurt that his physical presence is aesthetically pleasing and highly impressive.


Cocoon Wellness Pro

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather Fairies (Sleeping Beauty) These three fairy godmothers are continuously found together, but each present their own personality and gift that combine into the ultimate magic spell. These fairies aren’t just simply transforming the princess’ external beauty, but bestowing her with internal brilliance. In an attempt to keep their princess from slipping into evil hands, Merryweather puts Aurora into a state of deep sleep and peace until she is to be awakened and live happily ever after.


Luxura V8

Pocahontas (Pocahontas) Pocahontas doesn’t stay anywhere for too long, but wherever she goes she is a force to be reckoned with. The young tribe member can be found embracing all of nature’s sights and scents, separating herself from the other girls her age. Her free spirit attitude allows her to make the most of every experience and her beautiful appearance captivates the people that surround her.



King Triton (The Little Mermaid) The ruler of his kingdom, King Triton is always looking out for his subjects and uses his mighty power to undo any tension that arises. However, as the most powerful man in the sea he also knows when to makes waves in all the right places and at all the right times. A doting father to seven daughters, Triton evenly distributes his affection but also caters to their own personal traits. Though Triton comes off as an intimidating figure, his good heart and reliability is unwavering.



Sleepy (Snow White) Sleepy is only one of the seven dwarfs, but he is one of the most adored because he just can’t help but to take a snooze at any time of day. Never in a hurry to get his work or chores finished, the heavy eyed dwarf quietly makes himself comfortable wherever he goes. Though he isn’t the speediest or most talkative of the bunch, the crew wouldn’t be complete without him.