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Sundream 12V

Sale! Sundream 12V

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Canopy tanning beds are trending! It’s the new, portable way to tan! These portable home tanning beds are small canopies lined with UV lamps, and are mounted with infinitely adjustable supports on wheels for easy movement and maneuverability. You hardly need any space, so pair it up with a beach chair, fluffy towel and your favorite beverage and start tanning! Perfect for people who travel, or don’t have a lot of room.

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Product Description

This portable, foldable home tanning canopy is the perfect solution for indoor sunbathers who want to touch up their tans between studio sessions or are taking the first step into tanning at home. The Sundream 12V includes a hinged, swinging canopy fitted with 12 energy efficient, 100-watt, high-output Wolff dark tanning lamps and operates on any standard 110-volt residential outlet. The Sundream 12V folds flat for easy storage between uses which allows it to be easily stored in your home. The Sundream comes 95% pre assembled and only takes a few moments to set up. The Sundream delivers beautiful, full-body tans – simply switch positions during your session to get a deep, dark, radiant glow.


  • A swiveling frame that allows users to easily switch from horizontal (lay-down) or verticle(stand-up) tanning
  • Portable, lightweight design, slides beneath a couch, bed or recliner for easy at-home tanning.
  • Twelve gently curved 71” 100-watt Wolff Dark tanning lamps with four Dark Tan Power windows to deliver ultimate UV exposure.
  • Simple session regulation with a 20-minute built-in timer.
  • Arrives fully assembled.
  • Steel and extruded aluminum mainframe.
  • Gas shock lift-and-lower for easy operation.
Weight 275 lbs


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