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Our home equipment uses decades of knowledge and experience from commercial equipment production. Where others may cut corners, ProSun pays attention to every last detail, from optimal light distance, to our lifetime warranty on the beds' framework. We can claim, without hesitation, that our home equipment is commercially designed and engineered – and that means higher equipment quality and superior tanning results.

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Because of the care taken in development, and the spectacular tanning results, ProSun home equipment is an excellent choice for retail locations with customers looking for the next great addition to their home.

ProSun offers sales area exclusivity, advertising materials, and point of purchase items to help make your investment a wise and profitable one. Call today and find out if ProSun home beds are right for your location.


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SmartDesign Technology™

SmartDesign Technology is, simply put, the application of our commercial design and engineering experience to the creation of high quality home tanning equipment. Read more about SmartDesign Technology™ »