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Tanning Equipment FAQ

Is indoor tanning the same as outdoor tanning?
How long does it take to get tan?
How often should I tan?
Do I need to wear eye-protection while using the tanning bed?
What is a buckbooster? Everyone tells me that I may need one. Is this just a way for tanning bed manufacturers to sell me something else?
How can I tell if my voltage is adequate for my tanning bed?
When the trucking company delivers my tanning bed will they bring it inside and put it together for me?
How long should lamps last before I change them?
What should I do with my old lamps?
Why does my tanning bed seem to be too hot when I am in it?
How long will my acrylics last?
I have ordered a tanning bed or parts for my tanning bed. When can I expect shipment?
I have asked my sales person to arrange for my tanning bed to be installed by a factory representative. What do I need to know?

AquaFrixio Hydro Massage Bed FAQ

My unit will not turn on.
How do I fill the unit?
How often do I add water conditioner?
How do I clean the top sheet and padding?
Why is my Screen black?
My unit says low water level.
My unit says critically low water level.
The water temperature is too hot.